Thursday, 6 May 2010

Subject close to my heart

I'm going to post this in a few places because it means so much to me.
This afternoon a cat was knocked down in the road by me, long story short it was rushed to the vets and has been put down. Now this cat had no collar on so we had no means of identifying it. We thought it was out next door neighbours and we got hold of them and they rushed home. It turns out it isnt there cat. So alot of heartache was caused because the cat didnt have so much as a collar on.

What shocked me was when i asked the people who helped get the cat to the vets and even my neighbour NON OF THEM have their animals chipped. Now god forbid anything happened to Peaches while i wasnt about i at least know that she is chipped. It's such a little thing but can save so much heartache.


  1. My horse and my wee beasties are chipped - cos they are part of my family. You're right to bring this to people's attention, but I wish it hadn't coma about in such a horrible way for you.

    I hope you are OK - a horrible thing to happen. I caught a dog side on once, as it ran out into the road. Luckily it was OK and I got him to the vets, but I'll never forget how shocking it was for me, to hurt an animal.

    I hope the cat's owners are found somehow, and thank you for posting.

  2. You're so right, I came across a cat that had been knocked down once and it did have a collar on, so at least I could let the lady know what had happened, she was just grateful to know what had happened x

  3. I agree with your heartfelt blog and I am sorry for your upset and the poor little cat!

    We had cats years ago, the had collars, but chipping was not an option then, but I would certainly have it done now if we had any pets!

    Natalie x

  4. There was something on Radio 2 at lunchtime about chipping. Only cauht the very end of it when someone rang in to say their dog (unchipped) went missing. The council found it and found it new owners - refused to give the guy his dog back!
    Get chips!

  5. Oh sorry to hear that! The same sort of thing happened to me a few years back! Not nice! My little jack russell is chipped. It is so important as she always runs off! xx

  6. poor thing
    we have got our shadow chipped as someone said they are part of the family
    hope you are ok

  7. So sorry to hear that! Both my animals are really is SO important! If you love your pet get them chipped :D

    Gemma x

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  9. I am sorry that you had such a heart-wrenching experience. My cat does not go out except in our back garden under supervision because she was brought up in a flat, but she has a collar and tag on. Now I am thinking I will get her chipped too, just in case. Thank you for making me more aware of this. Chris x

  10. We need to get our dog chipped! Thanks for the reminder

  11. thanks for all the lovely thoughts, it's wonderful to see.

  12. Very sorry to hear about the cat :-( Not a nice thing for you either.

    I agree, microchipping our pets is a very good idea. We need to also make sure that everyone that finds an animal (vet, dog warden, council depts etc.) scan thoroughly for chips too.