Thursday, 28 October 2010

Loooong day,

I didnt manage to list anything today, so for my folkfest I put a big up for one of my favourite items.


I went to jewellery class tonight, I don't always like the pieces I make but I love being able to talk to others with the same passion as me. It's also nice to be able to get design idea's from others. Tonight was wire wrapping ring's which I was happy to do as I have done so much seed beading recently I was worried my wire skill's were getting rusty.
Anyway here is my picks from today's Folkfest.
Another great destash!
A very soft and warm looking scarf, which is great to haave when your cold.
A very pretty notepad, a good present for a musical friend.
Another rose item, I can't help it I love roses.
I really like this necklace, I think the colours match superbly with the antique brass.

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  1. those pendants are really pretty, I'm trying to teach myself wire wrapping at the mo :)